Cast System

Cast System

You can enter a live stream by login into the game without entering any account number and password. Just dont write anything in those 2 fields and just press enter.
To make your own broadcast, you must login to your account and use a command /cast on.

Casts without password, gain 05% experience extra!

Statusonline Players Casting4

Currently available commands for spectators:
/show - display the amount of currently active spectators
/name - change your name on chat with player and other spectators
/auth - authenticate to an exisiting cast (required with chat proctetion)

Available commands for streaming players:
/cast on - enables the stream
/cast off - disables the stream
/cast password {password} - sets a password on the stream
/cast password off - disables the password protection
/cast auth on - enables requirement of authentication on chat
/cast auth off - disables requirement of authentication on chat
/cast kick {name} - kick a spectator from your stream
/cast ban {name} - locks spectator IP from joining your stream
/cast unban {name} - removes banishment lock
/cast bans - shows banished spectators list

/cast mute {name} - mutes selected spectator from chat
/cast unmute {name} - removes mute
/cast mutes - shows muted spectators list
/cast show - displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators
/cast status - displays stream status

Outfit Name Level Vocation Viewers
Vanekua 161 Elder Druid 0/50
Nasci Paly Fuder 161 Royal Paladin 0/50
Dyroth 182 Royal Paladin 0/50
Traficante Tranks 157 Elite Knight 0/50

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Character Name:
Top Experience
1- Kekw
200, Master Sorcerer
2- Master Frigo
185, Elder Druid
3- Dyroth
182, Royal Paladin
4- Mercy
180, Elite Knight
5- Biaa The Mage
178, Elder Druid

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